Corporate America and its foundation from infancy is transactional. If you find yourself often feeling like a resource more than a human being it’s because CA has always been setup in a transactional, “what can you do for me” kind of way.

I worked at the Walt Disney World Resort and left long before the recent layoffs due to Covid. I’ve watched numerous friends pour out their hearts, pause their education and sacrifice their family’s financial and physical wellbeing, just to work at WDW.

But when the going got tough, Disney once again disappointed the underpaid and overworked Cast Members, sacrificing their health to work with the public — laying off 28,000 CM’s this fall.

And it isn’t just Disney – regardless of the industry, Corporate America has always prioritized its profits over its people, and COVID-19 has brought it’s dark ways to the surface.

Mother’s are forced with “figuring out” innovative and exhausting ways to over perform at home and in the virtual office — consistently worried about the consequences of putting family first and job responsibilities next, most often their own personal well-being finishing last.

Corporate America was designed for white men, and some how we’ve (women and minorities of color) have found a way to attain leadership positions – but are we truly valued? Are our voices elevated and our thoughts made noteworthy?

It is so important for us to continue to find time to cultivate our passions while working in corporate America. I know it’s tough to stay inspired and prioritize your well-being with so many responsibilities but we have to make the time. Set boundaries. Take your lunch breaks. Pee with the door closed. Say no. Set a timer for “sacred” (uninterrupted time) and focus on something that sparks joy for 30 minutes each day.

I’ll leave these things for you to think about. I urge you to support and encourage the hardworking mothers and minorities around you. But ultimately, I am encouraging you to prioritize your needs. We can’t give the way we desperately want to when our cup is empty. Refill, replenish, get your rest and drink your water.

Stay encouraged!