Sometimes, I wake up in my skin feeling unqualified.

Unqualified as a mother.

Unqualified as a wife.

Unqualified as an employee.

Unqualified as a social media motivator.

Then, I realize that if I just keep pressing forward, God will do the hard work of showing and reminding me of how qualified I am. As I hear stories of those who came before me and experienced success, I realize that they too have felt what I feel in this moment.

They’ve felt unqualified in their gifts, in their calling, and their role(s). The difference between them and those who didn’t live out their calling is their ability to keep pushing forward. These success stories were able to keep moving until they experienced the fruits of their many labors (Galatians 6:9). Somewhere along the way, you hear them attribute their success to God (or their version of it), which inspired them to keep going. Somehow they were replenished deep in their spirit.

Feeling unqualified is part of the process. Feeling unqualified is part of the journey, feeling unqualified is what unlocks the door to everything that makes us qualified. In all transparency, as I write this, I’m in the middle of my season of feeling unqualified. I sit here at almost 6:00 a.m., Kendrick Lamar blasting through my Airpods, tears streaming down my face, feeling unqualified.

At the same time, I have a sense of peace that things will be just fine. Please remember, you don’t have to be in a storm to feel unqualified. You can’t go through a true transformation without feeling growing pains. So when you’re feeling far from qualified, just know, the pains you’re feeling throughout the process can either shape who you’re becoming or break you – just lean into the process.

Blast some music, cry your tears and lean into your those areas where you’re feeling unqualified…you might find yourself with a sense of peace that you were made for this very moment.

Have a great week.


Taylor M. Rysdon