I know, I know, I’m being super “deep,” in my above quote.

You know the kind of deep where you think I’m meditating all day without eating or sleeping and haven’t showered in a week, but that’s really not the case. This insight came to me months ago and maybe one day when I’m dead and gone, I’ll be quoted on Google or something for having said something so profound.

If you consider our lives our “center,” we make all of our decisions around seasons.

In the summer, let’s go to Disney.

It’s winter, time to eat cookies and drink eggnog.

The changing of the seasons, often drives our decision making. The changing of the seasons often influences what we do today, while also obsessing over what tomorrow will bring.

It’s not until we sit still, meditating in the present that we realize that today is directly influenced by yesterday and the opportunity of tomorrow. Are you suddenly dizzy?

I mean think about it. Today, I’m probably going to eat a full sleeve of Oreos, tomorrow I’m not only going to regret it but also run five miles to “offset” the overindulging. This then drives how I think about my future self…gosh I’m tired of making such bipolar decisions, I might find myself muttering at the end of a long day.

Did you royally mess up yesterday and yell at your five year old in the middle of the Target parking lot? Well tomorrow, you might find yourself remorsefully ill by this embarrassing (but justified) decision.

We spend so much of our time influenced by the decisions and mistakes of the past -or-hopeful of what tomorrow might bring. I urge you to stop, pause, breathe and meditate on what’s in front of you right now. The benefits of being present far surpass feeling anxious about what’s to come or moping about all you have yet to accomplish in life.

I encourage you to sit still. Get quiet. Look around at all you have and consider that maybe the glass is half full for a reason and you’re going to be just fine. Have an incredible week!

With Love,