Happy FIRST Monday of 2021

It’s okay to start over.

Why Corporate America “seems” transactional

Corporate America and its foundation from infancy is transactional. If you find yourself often feeling like a resource more than a human being it’s because CA has always been setup in a transactional, “what can you do for me” kind of way. I worked at the Walt Disney World Resort and left long before theContinue reading “Why Corporate America “seems” transactional”

Every day is a special occasion

“We don’t have to wait for the perfect timing to flaunt our best, feeling confident in our skin. You are the special occasion, so show up for yourself!”

What about the long game?

As we left the Chicago Shed Aquarium from our sixth grade field trip, I finally told the kid I was going to “kick his ass” when we got off the school bus, though I was fully afraid of what kicking his ass would entail, I knew enough was enough.

The Gift of (self) Mastery

I mastered self-worth through setting and communicating my expectations.

An uninvited house guest

What do you do when the unexpected shows up in your life?