What do you have anchored to your self worth?

I was finishing Dear White People on Netflix when I realized how dope I really am.

Dozing in and out of a food coma, it was finally time for bed. On the way, I caught a glimpse of my physique reflected on the now blacked out and turned off TV screen.

That’s when it hit me. I realized how much I love my shape — sagging belly from baby’s 9-month incubation and all. I have managed to lose roughly 50 lbs of the weight I gained during pregnancy and while I wished that I’d be at my “goal weight” by now (or at least my pre-pregnancy weight), seeing my physique reflected on the TV made me realize…

Self love is more than a number. It’s time we tip the scales and rely on how we feel to determine the way we view our bodies.

If I were to reach my goal weight of 160 lbs., tomorrow, but my body looked exactly the same, would I be happy? I realized tonight I would be — bringing me to the troubling realization that all these years, I’ve been chasing a number on the scale.

I’ve been grounded my self worth and love on mere numbers. What do you have anchored to your self-worth and how might you begin tipping the scales to better love yourself, you know, the way you deserve to be loved?


Taylor M. Rysdon