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During the pandemic, so many of us are still trying to determine our “path.” Jon and I talk about this often. 🪧

One thing I’ve realized is that “the path” is often touched upon, but never truly explored.

The path — is that thing (that dream) you talk about but never actually pursue.

The path — exists in your inability to stop overeating, overthinking, over indulging, over swiping, over scrolling.

The path — is often your life’s journey, sprinkled with disappointments, personal downfalls and pressing the restart button, time after time.

The path — is you. Your greatest ambitions and strongholds. 🪧

So as you embrace YOUR path don’t forget to EXPLORE. It’s ok to fail a little in the pursuit and exploration of something new. In uncharted territories.

Trust me, I’ve pressed restart a lot in this life. From personal weight loss goals to friendships. But I’m realizing that in order to fully hone in on “my path,” it’s going to take a lot of pressing restart, failing BIG and exploring uncharted waters.

What is your PATH? What challenges do you face daily that might actually exist so you can win BIG in these areas? I’d love to hear from you.

Today, I’m struggling with parenting and fitness goals (and don’t try to sell me on your program please, I know what I need to do). It just requires discipline.

I know I’m struggling today so I can help some of you out there struggling. Our greatest challenges are our most often our calling. 💖