Thoughts from late November 2020

There’s so much noise.

Covid kills you. Wear a mask. You’ll have shortness of breathing. You can get it from standing near someone who’s infected for more than 15 minutes. It lives on grocery bags. Wear gloves when you shop. Don’t send your kids to school. Masks don’t help. And the list never ends.

Last night, Jona held me tight after I shared that we both tested positive for the coronavirus (Covid 19). He cried and shared how “Covid is the worst.”

We are all “fatigued.”

We’re all tired of social distancing.

We’re all tired of canceling 2020.

We’re tired of putting our lives on hold. We are exhausted and so are our bodies.

A positive diagnosis doesn’t have to mean “the end” it can merely mean the beginning of shifted perspectives and hopeful dispositions toward the future.

Quick insight…

This post is from November 2020 (today is April 4, 2021) — I had this in my drafts after we received the news we had the virus. Anyway, it was a heavy time. We had just decided to choose a vegan lifestyle for our family, only to find out we had somehow transmitted Covid. Except Jon going to work, we didn’t have any clue how we would’ve contracted the virus, considering we had been extremely careful, only leaving the house for the essential items and regularly ordering our groceries through Kroger Clicklist (for pickup).

While fearful of what a positive test meant for the future, we still felt hopeful and grateful that we’d gotten the virus so that we could then experience the immunity of having it — assuming we’d be “set” for a minimum of three months.

Either way, I’m writing this to you almost five months later and we’ve managed to remain healthy and happy. Our family of four recovered gracefully and we are excited to continue the journey of social distancing while enjoying the luxury of being a little family.

How are you coping during these times? With a vaccine rolling out, internationally, Jon and I are still hesitant to entertain subjecting ourselves (and our children) to receiving the vaccine and we have zero intention to take it. There isn’t enough research on the long-term effects of Covid or the vaccination and we are waiting for more information at this time.

Do you intend to get the vaccine? I’d love to hear from you. I hope you and your family are doing well.