It’s 5:23 a.m.

It blows my mind — how we’re all on a path. A unique path often intersecting with the path of others. We easily find ourselves off course, if we don’t pause to reset and reflect, regularly.

I’ve been in a deeply reflective state, thinking a lot about how my path nearly 10-years ago prepared me for the stage of life I’m living today. How it’s all connected.

If we spent time reflecting on what was, we can easily find the parallels, or perhaps, the themes driving our successes and our failures.

I believe, God is regularly working to reveal the thread that’s weaving together the stories we’ve told (past) , the stories we are telling (present) and the stories we will (future) tell.

When you reflect on your life, what themes do you see? I’m still unpacking mine, but will share once I better understand what God is trying to reveal to me.

Have an amazing day ahead!