I am a perfectionist by nature.

I find myself organize the same drawers every few days, or trying to perfect my child’s incorrect pronunciation of words.

🌻 Here’s my Inspirational Monday Post 🌻

Being a perfectionist has robbed me of my joy. Not just in this season of life, but every season that came before it.

I find myself creating and deleting. Creating and adjusting. Creating and complaining. I want it PERFECT. But what if we miss out on the beauty of our imperfections, seeking the picture-perfect life?

🌻 Perfection is the thief of joy. Don’t lose yourself in trying to get it perfect — people talk about how trying to get things perfect often leads to you doing absolutely nothing. But trying to get it perfect can also lead to you being inauthentic — our ideals of perfection aren’t even our own. They are deeply influenced by former experiences, our upbringing & parent’s doctrines, and what society seems “perfect.”

It’s almost laughable at this point.

And this is why I post funny, imperfect videos.
This is why I post “on brand” but also very honest content.

The more we continue to seek perfection vs. our personal best, the closer we move toward feeling filled with depression in our hearts and chaos in our minds.

Don’t seek perfection. Do your BEST with the resources you have & leave the rest up to God.🌻

🎯 SAVE this post for your next perfectionist breakdown to reference later. Or send it to your most perfect friend. 😂

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