It is amazing how the smell of something can connect you to a memory.

Before I became pregnant last year, I flaunted almost daily my cucumber melon body spray and was obsessed with the smell.

Eight weeks after discovering we were pregnant I realized I could no longer handle the smell, it was too strong and literally made me feel as if I was going to be sick every time I sprayed it. When I walked passed someone else who obviously shared the same admiration of the scent, again, I began to feel queasy.

Flash forward to today, nine and a half months postpartum, I walk into my bathroom and I’m met with an old friend. My vibrant, well-packaged, half full bottle of cucumber melon Bath and Body Works spray, sits comfortably inside a basket under the sink. I open the sink, hoping to get reunited and make up for lost time, only to find I’m nearly bent over the toilet with nausea. How…I’m no longer pregnant?

Immediately, I’m taken down memory lane. I’m overwhelmed with the emotions of the first time I found out I was pregnant, in the bathroom of our old house. I have a flash back of the day I shared the news with Jonathan who immediately dropped to his knees and began to thank God for blessing our family.

I’m taken back to the moment I showed up daily at the most lifesucking job ever at a local insurance firm where they treated me very “other,” before finding out I was pregnant and worse after I shared the news.

I’m taken back to the day we found out we were having a boy and all the small and grand moments leading up to his birth last November.

I’m reminded that every season of life has its unique qualities (a scent) — and in its own way it changes you from the inside out. Our tastes are allowed to change. Our ability to “handle” experiences effectively are allowed to change. I hope you are inspired to think about how this season is changing you. How it’s scent might just make a lasting impact on who you are and all that you are becoming.

With Love,