Do you ever wake up with the sun and mourn for the world?

That’s how I feel today, a deep heaviness of pain for everyone who is experiencing something hard. A deep sadness for everyone who doesn’t know the Lord. Immensely overwhelming grief for Mother Earth and how we’ve robbed her of her beauty because of our own selfish and very human desires.

Whenever I listen to Hollyn’s, Issac song I just feel overwhelmed with emotion and reflection. Sometimes for my own circumstances and other times for the world’s.

This morning, my emotions surfaced in the form of thinking so much about others. While I enjoy watching my kids grow up (feeling frustrated when they leave legos in our hallway) there’s a mother struggling to conceive.

While I grow frustrated with Jon dropping coffee on our kitchen floor each morning as he leaves to the garage for work, there’s a woman wondering if she’ll ever find her “Prince Charming.”

While we all are on much needed stay at home orders, there are over 568,000 individuals without the luxury of “staying home” because they don’t have a home (according to a January 2019 report). In addition to this madness of nearly half a million, reported homeless individuals, due to Covid limitations many won’t be counted at all, so we really have no clue how many actual American citizens are displaced at this time.

Listen, I’m really not trying to be a negative Nancy this morning. The point I’m getting at is the world’s problems are heavy and we cannot tackle them all alone. But we can embrace the pain and do something about it with the resources we have.

We can strive to make a difference in some way. It doesn’t require us to leave our homes. It doesn’t really even require us to give anything financially. It’s the little things that go a long way (see my list below).

1. Call someone you love — and don’t forget the elderly who are struggling immensely right now with loneliness and financial hardships.

2. Pause — I know, we’re all so very busy but pausing to be present and focus on what you’re grateful for really can reset your perspective. This, in turn, directly affects how you show up with yourself, your spouse, your kids or anyone else in your nucleus.

3. Give — these are hard times and we don’t all have a lot to give financially but we can give of our unique talents. Like to sing? Create a YouTube channel and sing songs for people. Like to write? Create a blog, like me and encourage people with your words. Love to host events? Plan virtual events for your friends and family to connect.

We all have something to give and I can’t wait to see how you inspire and heal the world. Have a great weekend!