🌻 We are all playing a role in this thing called life. You may feel insignificant. You may feel unseen. You may feel your day-to-day path is monotonous or meaningless but you are still playing a role.

🌻 How you (and me) choose to show up matters. We’ve been watching the show Manifest on Netflix and it’s really been the perfect reminder I needed (true tear-jerker for me).

🌻 If you haven’t seen it, it’s about individuals who literally get on a ✈️ and when their plane lands they return different and they’ve basically travelled through time. I know it sounds like many sci-fi shows but there’s an element of deep truth that pulls you in. The characters find themselves having faith when they didn’t believe in anything. They discover how their individual failures and deep desires are part of the collective.

🌻 The script is good, so if you haven’t watched it yet, I promise it’s one for the books. I know I’m being vague in an effort to not give it all away but the point I’m trying to make is that we’re all playing a role. Funny thing, I made this post (image) weeks ago. It was on my heart how we are all connected, how we all make an impact (knowingly or unknowingly), so I created this image long before ever watching the show.

🌻 Can you believe I almost deleted this post? Thinking maybe I was just “being too deep.” But tonight, it all came together for me. I believe your actions and my actions, they create small ripples that ultimately determine the future while simultaneously sealing the past.

🌻 Don’t forget that the big AND small things you do, the tiny footprints you leave behind, they matter and they tell a story. I’m so sorry for the long, late night, rant this was supposed to be short. But I just poured my entire heart out. Instead.

➡️ Anyway, have you seen Manifest on Netflix? If yes, what did you think? Leave a “♥️” if you have watched it and a “💥” if you haven’t gotten to it yet.