Happy Friday!!

Yesterday morning when I could’ve spent my “day off” baking or binge watching my favorite reality television, I instead decided to sow good seeds into my marriage. I’m not writing this to show up as a brag. I write this inspire other married people out there to do the same.

Marriage is hard work. And while it’s easy sometimes to bury your head in the sand and “coast under the radar,” it’s extremely important to lean in and continue to prioritize the little things that made you want to get married in the first place — but not for your own personal gains, affirmations or encouragement… for your partners enjoyment and satisfaction as well.

Jon and I will make four years married in January and five years together next April (2023). Through the ebbs and flows of having babies, changing careers and the hustle and bustle of life, we have always tried to make talking a priority (sometimes we talk and process too much).

In the seasons where we’ve struggled to talk to one another, things haven’t run as smoothly. We have tension, miscommunication and avoidable mishaps.

Do you know what keeps us talking?

Honestly, intimacy keeps us talking. Intimacy stops us from getting into our own head and leaning in to hear what’s in our persons head. And I’m not just talking the physical. It’s mostly the emotional.

When we are emotionally connected and loving one another and listening to one another, everything just flows — even the hard conversations just flow.

Building intimacy, I’ve found, comes through intentionality. Like a muscle… you’ve got to work it — work your intentionality. Be intentional about doing the little things to make your person smile, even when you aren’t feeling it. Even when there’s chaos. Even when you’re tired. Do the little things to make the hard things that much easier.

I hope this helps you rebuild in your hard seasons with your person. I hope this helps you flourish in the good seasons. And I hope this helps you enjoy the ride.

Happy Weekend!

Share with me below… how do you prioritize your relationship and keep the spark alive? I’d love some more ideas. 🤎😊