Meet Taylor

Thanks for stopping by, I honestly couldn’t do this without YOU!

Welcome to my blog! I’m Taylor and if you didn’t already know I’ve been blogging irregularly over the last three years or so.

Time after time, I have attempted this blogging thing with more rigid methodology, so, like I tell my husband (about playing guitar)…I think it’s time to just “write my heart out.” When I’m inspired and especially when I’m not inspired, I hope to continue our dialogue through transparent posts and life stories.

I’d hoped to blog through my many recent life changes – becoming a wife to my exceptional husband, becoming a mother to a beautiful boy, overcoming abusive relationships, moving across the country and most recently welcoming a baby bump into our lives (yes, we are pregnant)! Unfortunately, I’ve struggled with consistency, but I’m ready to keep the dialogue going. Life is forever evolving and I hope we can grow together, my family and yours…

Want to help me in this journey? Share in the comments section. I’d love to hear your stories, feedback and advice. Let’s make this platform a community and have real conversation!

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