I didn’t expect to cry so hard or so loud tonight, and then came the snot.

I had managed to make it through an entire week of obstacles. I navigated second grade math with Jona while on conference calls, helped Grant learn to build blocks in the midst of never-ending one-year old temper-tantrums, and created a new vegan chocolate covered date recipe.

My week was filled with an abundant to-do list, but my soul was empty.

Like many of you following my blog, I am responsible for being a good spouse to my husband, showing up for tiny humans and often biting off more than I can chew with master to-do lists.

I’ll be honest, I am more than blessed to have Jon as my husband. He’s kind, has grown in his emotional intelligence, and he tries so hard to make and keep me happy.

Tonight…Friday night for poop’s sake, I finally imploded when he checked in to see how I was doing after quite the tiresome week. I mean I literally found myself working 10-12 hour days, picking Jona up from school, co-creating dinners with Jon all while trying to maintain a clean home and my sanity.

For many of you waiting for the “happy” moment of clarity in this post, it’s not coming. The only thing I can tell you is the importance of letting it out. As mother’s, we walk around doing all the things because we have this bizarre sense of stability in the madness. Eventually, we implode. Eventually we turn off. Eventually we shut down and leave our friends and family members picking up the pieces.

I’m here for you friend. I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to run yourself into the ground to be a good mother. You don’t have to do “all of the things” to be enough. The fact that you’ve been blessed with with the life you have today, means you’re more than enough.

Please, for you own sake…

Leave the dishes in the sink. Have a midday nap this weekend. & Show up for yourself.

Sending you much love momma, you got this.