This morning, before starting my workday I spent some time cleaning things up. I reviewed and revised my blog, took a look at a few emails and began to get lost in my Pinterest boards.

Then I realized… half of the pins on my Pinterest board are from 2018 or are food related and we don’t even eat the same anymore.

Gals, it’s okay to start over. 👏🏾

I went through and deleted ALL of my pins on Pinterest. Over 2100. Why? Because half of them I don’t even identify with anymore. And the other half, will just tempt me into eating a non-vegan cake.

Don’t hold on to what you’ve already overcome, simply because it’s an inconvenience to let it go. Do the work. Lose the weight. Take the risk. Become your BEST self.

Sending you all the positive vibes this year and always. Reach out anytime if you need motivation, support or a quick laugh. This is your year, good things are coming your way.