This morning’s Bible study was incredible, revealing so much to me.

I was reminded in 2 Corinthians 13:14…

👑 Jesus = Grace
💛 God = Love
☮️ Holy Spirit = Fellowship

This was further reinforced by John 5:1-15 where Jesus heals the man with paralysis who has great faith. Later that day, he sees the man and says, “see you are well again. Stop sinning or something worse may happen to you.”


This isn’t Jesus threatening the man, but reminding him that sin isn’t free from consequence (that he doesn’t want to see the man suffer).

The God of second and third and fourth chances was willing to see the man again, willing to remind the man of the grace and healing he received, almost pleading for him to stop because he didn’t want him to suffer any longer. In my opinion.


These scriptures were like a nice big hug this morning. 🤗 We all have the opportunity to love a God willing to see us, in our sin (time and time again) and give us grace and love while reminding us that we are capable of better.

That we are meant for more. Please stay encouraged as you embrace all the week has to offer and remember to love on one another this week, the way God loves on us; encouraging, reminding, and correcting in love. 💖

Happy Monday!