“We need to provide our bodies with nutrients in addition to indulging and enjoying the foods we like during this time of year..”

— Emily Gregory
Plant-Based Food Creator, Nutrition & Fitness Coach
Emily Gregory with meatless meals is a plant-based food creator as well as a nutrition and fitness coach. She is very passionate about helping people reach their health goals through plant-based nutrition and fitness. Emily loves cooking nutrient dense meals as she showcases how easy, delicious, and health promoting these foods can be.

Do you have a favorite holiday that you love celebrating? How has food played a role in the way you celebrate?

“So I’m going to go way back. I actually became a vegetarian at a pretty young age. At 12 years old, I decided to give up meat. That wasn’t the typical choice for a 12 year old. Somehow my sister and mother also decided to give up meat as well which was great to have that support system. This all occurred during a time where going meatless was seen as odd. A lot of the holidays are centered around meat, so during the holidays people we’re shocked to see us only eating side dishes. Growing up, navigating the waters (even with the support of my immediate family), it was still common to face a lot of misunderstanding around my meatless lifestyle.

One of my favorite holidays to celebrate is Halloween. I love the fun of the costumes.”

What were some of the earliest habits you learned around nutrition? Was your family always health conscious?

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“When I was 12, I actually went to the Indiana state fair and I saw the animals. I had always loved animals and drew the connection then and there that I no longer wanted to eat them. This was an ethical decision. But also, my grandma on my moms side has been vegetarian over 30 years. Growing up my family wasn’t super health conscious. I remember my dad making friend bologna sandwiches… 😂. I became interested and spent time teaching myself a lot. Three years ago, I took a plant-based nutrition course and that sealed the deal for me. It’s definitely been a progression to where I am today — currently, I live a whole food plant-based lifestyle (wfpb) where I refrain from oils and eat clean 80% of the time and of course enjoy the plant-based junk food as well, 20% of the time.”

Many audience members are wondering if it’s okay to indulge during thanksgiving… what are your thoughts? Is it okay to take a break from eating healthy and working out? Time stamp: 7:26

“We all want to have fun and celebrate and such. The important thing is to find the balance. It’s okay to indulge but remember the root of food should be to provide nutrition to our bodies. If we’re eating a bunch of buttery food all day, we aren’t going to feel very good. We only get one body. Try starting your holiday with a green smoothie or some fruit. We need to still provide our bodies with nutrients in addition to indulging and enjoying the foods we like during this time of year.

Don’t forget to load up on the least processed foods whenever you can.”

What are some of your favorite holiday swaps in recipes?

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“Stay away from simple carbs like white bread, as they are super processed and don’t give you any health benefits. Lean into the complex carbs such as; sweet potatoes, whole grained and even potatoes can give you health benefits. Don’t forget, there are a ton of health desserts. I’ve made chocolate pie out of tofu. Use dates, maple syrup, agave, etc. to naturally sweeten baked goods during this season. Just try to sneak in healthy foods wherever you can.”

Are there any special projects you’re currently working on that our audience should be aware of?

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“I mentioned before, I have an online cookbook and I update with recipes every single week. Moving forward I’m thinking of hosting events or classes. I’m trying to find new ways to meet and help more people. If anyone has suggestions on the approach should take to reach more people, send them my way.” > Click here to checkout (and support) Emily’s cookbook.


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