“My former blog, The Gift of Mastery, was all about my journey of self, when I started that blog. I was working at Disney and had just finished my internship, but I was in a dark place. I was living in the middle spot between depressed and happy. The point of that blog was to highlight my physcial, mental and financial journey, but along the way, I quickly realized that self-mastery isn’t real. There’s no such thing as mastering self.”

Taylor Rysdon, Blogger

I hope you enjoy learning more about me and my journey from The Gift of Mastery (where I worked to master myself) to the me that I am today, in The Taylorisms, where I am embracing all of the -isms (Taylorisms) that make me, me.

Watch the interview here on YouTube.

What is your why?

My why – I aspire to support women in redirecting their negative energy, toward their passion(s) so they can lead fulfilling lives.”

When did you decide to go vegan? Also, what are your favorite go-to snacks as a vegan?

“My family and I went vegan on November 14, 2020, I believe. We watched What the Health on Netflix and it forever changed our lives. Some of our favorite snacks are Hippeas and homemade popcorn with our Dash popcorn maker. We also love the Treeline brand’s plant-based cheese dip. It’s tasty with crackers.”

What are some staple items you keep in your pantry?

“We have to have nutritional yeast (AKA “Nooch”), Chili Powder, and Smoked Paprika. These items definitely make our food more flavorful.”

What does your day-to-day eating look like?

“For breakfast, a big go-to are muffins in our house, blueberry and chocolate chip are our absolute favorite. We also love the Just Egg brand of scrambled plant-based eggs. We love our Dash egg-maker. They make our “eggs” like the Starbucks bites, so delicious. We do breakfast potatoes in our house, fruit and pancakes often. I know that’s primarily breakfast-focused, but we eat a lot of breakfast to be honest.”

What problems would you like to solve?

1. How people in general, especially minority communities – experience and appreciate food, through day-to-day eating – practicing balance and moderation.

2. Help motivate women in how they show up and live their fullest lives – combining their passions with an opportunity to inspire others.

3. Inspire others to show up as their authentic self – it’s all about People First!

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that you live by?

“After you’re inspired become an inspiration. – Taylor Rysdon (said when I was Taylor Thomas ;))