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“In 2016, my uncle battled with cancer at the young age of 50, and he attempted to repair years of poor eating habits with a whole food plant-based diet. While it was remarkable to see his health transform after implementing this lifestyle, it was unfortunately too late to reverse stage 4 pancreatic cancer. It is now my mission to help people adopt a more holistic and healthier lifestyle so they can live their best lives.”

Amanda Vieira

I had the opportunity to sit down with Holistic Plant Based Coach, Amanda Vieira. She is dedicated to helping women discover their sexiest, healthiest, and most confident life without restrictive or obsessive behaviors.

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Is there any influence from your childhood that led to your passion of teaching people about holistic and plant based living? 

“I came from Trinidad to the US as a baby, my parents brought us (my brother, sister and I) over here for new opportunities. My mom put me in dance classes at seven and I would go through the year learning and at the end of the year, I didn’t want to go back. She would say okay and enroll me again the next year. When you’re starting something new, it’s not as enjoyable because you’re learning the discipline. Eventually, after three years, I began to understand dance, I got better at it and finally began to enjoy it. Her pushing me when I wanted to quit, really taught me to stick with things when they are hard. It’s important to keep pushing and figure things out, because eventually it’ll pay off.”

What risks would you say you’ve had to take in your life and how did you overcome the fears of failure? 

“The biggest risk, wasn’t by choice. In 2012, I moved to LA to pursue dance. While I was there, I was in a relationship and I became pregnant with my son. I decided I was going to move back to Miami to be closer to family. While I had plans to move to LA to become a dancer, God clearly had different plans for me, and I needed to listen and trust those plans. I simply figured things out and believed that everything would come together. And it did.”

What made you decide to start encouraging others to choose a holistic and healthy life through self-love and plant-based nutrition?

“I was always passionate about nutrition and health, I went to school for it. By the time I graduated, I had to choose between nutrition and dance. At that point in my life, I chose dance and said I’d get back into nutrition later. When the quarantine hit, I realized it was a perfect opportunity to figure out how to approach my passion for nutrition, that’s when I learned more about health coaching and decided this would be the path for me. As a dietician, you’re often teaching the curriculum you learn, which didn’t align with what I wanted to teach. With health coaching, I can teach what I’m most passionate about.

I know that I could do all the diets, be in the best shape of my life, and still struggle with my happiness. I know that it’s more than just what we eat, and this is where I want to inspire others. I had a baby and got breast implants, and I still was finding things wrong with myself, I still wasn’t happy. I looked into how to get them removed and read other women’s stories – I realized it wasn’t healthy for my body or my mind and I got them removed. This transformed me and helped me to embrace my body after the removal. It taught me to accept myself and now I want to help others, with the self-love techniques I’ve learned like meditation.”

Can you share about your holistic health challenge, what it entails and how can listeners can get involved? 

“It’s a 28 day, whole food, plant-based eating reset. It gives the opportunity for people to reset and optimize their health, learning new ways of eating that you might not be familiar with. People have had amazing results; clearer skin, weight loss, better gut health, more energy, and lowered blood pressure. Many people have also had lowered cravings as well. I did research online for the recipes and modified them for my program.”

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that you live by?

“A negative mind, will never lead to a positive life. -Ziad K. Abdelnour