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“I’ve always had a passion for helping people improve their quality of life. My vision is to support other women in all aspects of their mindset – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial. I want to help people understand that there’s something on the other side and I try to encourage women to be HER now.” — Kim Fitzpatrick

I had the opportunity to interview Mindset Mentor, Coach, and Speaker, Kim Fitzpatrick on IG Live, discussing her journey through the many challenges and beautiful moments from her youth to life today. She shared her heart while highlighting key tribulations she has overcome, as she continues to seek opportunities to learn balance and inspire other women along the way.

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Tell me about your childhood and do you have a favorite childhood memory?

“My mother Carol’s pregnancy was a sacrifice, in simply carrying me. She was given a choice of either aborting me or carrying on with treatment for her Hodgkin’s lymphoma which came back during her pregnancy. Her illness progressed quickly. My mom passed away 11 months after I was born, she never came home for long periods of time. I held a lot of guilt from this and when my mom passed, my Dad did remarry. There was a lot of grief in my childhood. I felt a lot of animosity and grief and I continuously felt like I needed to figure out “how I was supposed to be.” Last year, I was actually diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety. In my life today, I want to make sure that I’m not raising children that have to recover from childhood trauma. There are intergenerational patterns that are being broken in my family and I’m changing my story and creating a new path.”

What is your perspective on health?

“In the past, health to me meant proving my worth – working until burnout. I dealt a lot in extremes, due to witnessing parents struggling with addiction. I’ve been working multiple jobs since I was thirteen. Once I found coaching, I learned the true meaning of healthy. I learned that in order to lead other women, I would have to lead myself first. I haven’t always had a healthy relationship with food or with my temple. I can now see things through the eyes of my daughter, through my family honoring and respecting our bodies. It’s no longer about losing (or thinking about losing those last five pounds). I am now focused on embracing who I am.

What are practical tips to find balance?

  1. Live in the moment of the day – I feel more successful and calm when I just look at today.
  2. Set boundaries and standards for yourself
  3. Be kind to yourself – review and improve your internal dialogue to commentary that serves you – Dave Ramsey taught me “is it helpful, is it healing or is it hopeful”

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra that you live by?

“You have enough time in this day to do everything that is important to you.”