“Everyday is a new day. You’re amazing at what you’re doing. The more you realize that your greatness is in front of you, the more you’re going to be successful.”

— Briana Watson
On February 5, I I had the privilege of sitting down with business-minded, mom & lifestyle blogger, Brianna from Expedition Watson. This woman really opened her heart, sharing her deepest moments of great loss and the overflow of blessings she now experiences with her husband and two daughters.

How long ago did you start your blog and was there anything specific that motivated you to create Expedition Watson?

“So, Expedition Watson is like my baby. I started my platform on IG by itself as a personal page just showcasing my life because we live in Florida and all of our family live in Maryland or DC. As my page started to grow, I realized there’s alot you can’t share on Instagram. People began to ask me “why don’t you create a blog?”

I created my blog a year ago and it has been great as a backup platform reinforcing all of the resources I mention on my socials (but further in depth). My blog encompasses what my IG page is all about but gives a better keyhole into all I can offer my audience, specifically resources my audience can reference.

What were some of the initial challenges you faced in creating and developing your blog content and style? How did you overcome them?

“Having a blog and website is a whole new beast. I quickly had to learn the importance of finding the right platform and understanding SEO & analytics. It is very different than IG or TikTok. I spent a lot of time researching the blog space and I’m still learning… that was probably my biggest challenge, realizing that not everything is the same on each platform.”

What does your process look like for developing content? How do you prioritize what’s most important to share at any given moment?

“Honestly… having a planner goes a long way. I plan everything out faithfully, using my Happy Planner. There are specific topic buckets I stick to each week to cater to my various audiences. I generally plan my content two weeks in advance by batch creating content. My reels and everything, I plan a week in advance. If I’m unable to film something, I don’t get upset; I just try to get it filmed the next time. I do also have a personal notebook and brand notebook. I write out my ideas & mantras in my notebook and use my planner simply for important dates, I’ve found it’s easier to keep the notebooks separate. ”

See the YouTube recording around the 14:30 marker for Bri’s recap of the Happy Planner.

How have you seen Disney change due to the ongoing pandemic? What should families consider before visiting?

“Character meet and greets at this time are definitely a different experience. Disney has to protect Mickey and all the other characters so social distancing is a must at the meet-and-greets still taking place. Disney also asks that Guests wear masks and social distance at all indoor attractions. If it’s an outdoor attraction, masks aren’t required while waiting. I’ve actually felt safer at Disney during the pandemic, than most places. For parents considering a trip to Disney during the pandemic, I strongly recommend planning early. Also consider working with a travel agent — it doesn’t cost anything extra to work with a travel agent and you get in-depth help in your planning. Booking with a travel also gives you the chance to put money down on your trip and pay toward your trip as it draws closer. So you don’t have to spend toward your trip all at once. Reach out so we can work together. ”

Do you have any advice for our listeners who may want to work more frequently with brands? What should they be doing?

“Have your media kit ready (with your rate sheet) and don’t be afraid to use it. I’m an open book so if you have questions or need help definitely message me. I’m taking about two days to respond to everyone right now but I’m always happy to help. There’s room for all of us to thrive. I’m not competitive when it comes to this.”

See the YouTube recording around the 49:30 marker for Bri’s recap / overview of working with brands.