Goodmorning sunshine. ☀️

Goodmorning sunshine. ☀️

If you’re reading this, you made it to Thursday in a very dark world, but you can still be the light. 💡.

Remember that being the light sometimes means caring for you.


Yesterday, I took the day off from work and reset. I was feeling truly sick (headache and stomach ache). I resolved within myself that it was probably a 24-hour stomach bug.

Then I woke up this morning, feeling less that 100%, after talking with Jon last night (who also wasn’t feeling 100% himself), I realized we are probably just exhausted. From racial injustice to raising kids during Covid, we are tired as hell.

I’ve heard a theme across my community. I’ve heard a theme that rings true across the country, “I am tired.”

Our country is tired. Our communities are tired. And our hearts are tired. So, do I still believe I had a 24-hour stomach bug? NAH.

I believe we all have a heart bug. A heartache that only God can resolve and we all feel it.

I say this to say, many of us (me included) have been treating our, physical, mental and emotional-selves like a drive thru. And don’t get me wrong, before my vegan days, I loved me a good McDonald’s trip (these days it’s Tropical Smoothie 😂).

But the point is…

We pick up something QUICK to comfort us.

We go through this life making unhealthy and fast-paced decisions and we PAY THE PRICE in our health and self-esteem.

Can you blame us!? It’s often too much to bear.

There is so much expected of us. But it’s time we remember that we are fine dining. Like a fine dining experience, let’s take our time with ourselves. Let’s pause to read, take a break from work (corporate or house work) to slow down (with or without the kids). Let’s dress up for the “fine dining experience” we prepare for ourselves and let’s tell the waiter (our kids and anyone else for that matter)…

“NO, I’m not ready to ‘order’ (insert ask from them here)….”

Let’s order the dessert (personal care relaxation needs)…

We feel guilt in a world of expectations, its time to get reacquainted with ourselves. The work can wait.

How would you spend your time if today was your final day to live? Do whatever THAT is, even if it’s just 15 minutes daily. Rest, Reset & Resolve.

Sending you love and peace, you’ve got this!



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