Blended Bakes

Most of us are either a sucker for something sweet or something salty. My guilty pleasure? Something sweet and salty – I’ve always loved junk food!

Growing up, I wasn’t allowed to eat sweets often, making it easy to remember the few times I was able to indulge.

I remember the smell of my mother’s homemade lemon cakes in celebration of every holiday. I remember watching her boil the cans of evaporated milk to make caramel. And my favorite memory of the entire process was waiting for her to ask me if I wanted to lick the remnants of lemon cake batter after she’d filled the pans and popped them in the oven.

I look back fondly on that feeling of warmth and safety I felt in tasting and enjoying the process of her baking. The sense of calm. The smells. The purest feeling of love, through feeding others. The sense of peace, even through the overwhelming undertones of holiday season blues.

Today, I’m able to bake for my family. Today, I’m able to provide that same sense of warmth. And now, I’m extending to others my family’s Blended Bakes.” I’ll share the backstory of how we came to our business name in a blog post later.

For now, If you’re interested in purchasing one of our blended pastry delights (cakes, cookies, donuts, cake pops), click here to submit a request and stay tuned for my most recent tried and true recipes that are putting smiles on the faces of those I hold near to my heart.


Taylor M. Rysdon

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