I didn’t see anything but what I found told me everything I needed to know, it’s time to call an exterminator.

When we first moved into our new home, we cleaned everything, and I mean everything! The previous owners made this place a rental and the renters living here before us were not clean. The house was totally unkept and unclean. We pulled up the carpet and installed new flooring. We painted. We deep cleaned. We did everything to make our first purchased house, a home.

In the process of cleaning, we found a peanut butter prepped mousetrap and we were immediately on alert. Praying away a potential uninvited house guest before ever really spotting the small creature, we continued to get settled into our new home.

It’s been three weeks since we moved in and haven’t spotted or heard a thing, until this morning. While prepping my morning coffee, I found two small pieces of tiny black… what appears to be mouse poop. 😔

Before Jon leaves every morning he makes the coffee and we have morning chats on our front bench (strongly recommended for couples with kids, it’s a great way to connect). Anyway, before we could get to our chat I shared with him my findings and we discussed next steps. I couldn’t stop obsessing long enough to really enjoy him before our hectic day ahead and now he’s gone.

One thing that stood out to me in his response about our potential new rodent friend was that he seemed unbothered (even though he hates small creatures). His words verbatim, “…up until now, the house has been perfect, things are going to come up.”

His comments made me realize… just because a promise of God is fulfilled, doesn’t mean it comes with perfection. Promises fulfilled don’t equal perfection.

We often expect a promise fulfilled by God to be paired with a perfect ending but that’s not reality. From my perspective, his promises come with process. His promises are packaged with opportunities for prayer, drawing us back to him.

In our season of job promotions, purchasing our first home and so many blessings from God, we also need to identify and embrace the moments where he draws us back to him through the unexpected. I’ll now leave you with this, how are you viewing God’s promises and the unexpected in your life?

Now…it’s time for me to go call the exterminator, have a great week!