A Black Mother’s Burdens

In the blink of an eye, the system continues to fail us.

I lay here on my couch thinking of Breona Taylor merely sleeping and murdered in her home. Her boyfriend? Arrested for firing his registered gun.

As a Black woman, I have a never-ending list of burdens associated with walking, driving, even talking “while Black.” But as a Black mother, that list becomes infinite.

My simplified list of burdens:

Are my kids well aware that they are Black? Are my kids well-behaved? Do my kids have the necessary tools to deal with overt and covert discrimination? Are my kids smart enough, while Black? Am I on-time picking Jona up from school to ensure his safety? Did I pack the right snacks? Do my kids have manners? Are my kids aware that police officers may protect and serve but may also abuse the law and their influence? Are my kids aware of their rights? Do my kids know their address? Do my kids know our phone numbers? Do my kids understand their Black is beautiful?

Should I even let them leave the house.

A Black mother’s burdens (especially for mother’s of Black boys) are simply rooted in wanting the best for her children but ultimately understanding that there’s a system waiting for an opportunity to catch them bright-eyed and bushy tailed, doing the wrong or the right thing.

Historically speaking, simply existing while Black has rendered immense consequences from Emmett Till to Rosa Parks, we’ve been dehumanized. We aren’t allowed to be tired, we aren’t allowed to feel. We are expected to show up with painted smiles in the midst of disappointment from a system that continues to fail us.

So when I hear dear friends and family members debating on whether or not to vote for Trump, I’m in awe. You guys, this one is a no brainer. A president should incite joy, peace and unity — not division. While we’re all entitled to our vote having a voice (that’s the gift of a democracy), I hope you’re voting with my son’s in mind. I hope you let your vote count toward equality.

Don’t let the excuse of being a Republican limit you from voting for what’s right. If we aren’t all treated equal, with systems created with all of us in mind, we won’t see a thriving economy. When I hear people encouraging the narrative of “making America great again” I can only follow up the question of, when was it great? Because the time being referenced is directly connected to women having limited rights to vote and work and Black Americans either working as slaves or fighting for civil rights.

I believe we need a leader focused on the equality and rights of all people. I believe we need a leader looking forward, not backward – and definitely not basking in the nostalgia of a time where Black people could be lynched and no one would look into their untimely death.

Let’s continue to make America great, by voting for my family. Vote for my sons. The pickings are slim but I think we all know, Trump isn’t the answer.

Stay safe,


  1. I agree with every point you make in your blog. And would like would to add to your list the environmental, and equal opportunity set backs Trump has brought upon us.

    He has allowed the ongoing of drilling and fracking without considering the devastation to natural water resources and laws respecting native sacred lands. He has put Coal Lawyers in charge of our Environmental Protection Agency (what a joke). He has lifted laws protecting wild life for hunting, and made weaponizing America easier, even for people mentally unstable.

    He has removed clauses mandating colleges to accept POC with equal opportunity. Trump has put into law that unionized jobs can no longer require union dues from employees, to weaken middle-class America. When unions don’t collect dues there is less funding to represent the workers. I pay $15 for Kaiser, to insure my family of 5! Why? How?Because our union is strong!

    During the protests, and until now, I have not heard a word from Trump calling for a reform in police murdering tactics. They are disproportionally used with Blacks. Instead, he calls protesters who see the injustice and demand a change, “terrorists.”‘

    For this and many more reasons, Trump is not fit for president! He is not diplomatic nor able to meet or speak with world leaders.

    Vote for a Progressive America.

    1. Lisbet,

      Thank you so much for adding your comment to this post. I’m glad you’re speaking up with additional reasons why he’s unfit. Maybe individuals don’t do the research for themselves and therefore they cast their vote uninformed or informed by a friend or spouse but don’t know the information for themselves. Thank you for being an informed and extremely well spoken voter.

      I’m proud to call you my sister. ❤️

  2. Dearest Taylor, Your fears are understandable!!! Right now, and in the past, have been troubling times. You are so right about “making America great again” when was that? Hatred is not great!! Racism is not great!! Your post is spot on. And I will definitely not be voting for Trump. Yes, pickings are slim, but anything but Trump!!! Keep doing what you are doing and your sons will thrive! Both you and Jonathon are doing an awesome job!! Hugs and love to you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you Roni for reading my post, it means a lot. I am so glad you have mutual respect, love and understanding for my family. You have a heart for people and it really shows in the way you address ALL things. Thank you for truly being family and for seeing my little family, empathizing with us.

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