Photos from today.
Grant’s 1st Birthday.

It’s been 20 months of me loving you.

20 months of feeding you, straight from my body — sacrificing wine for water (though I barely ever drink) and nursing you for comfort and for health, nourishing your body and your mind.

It’s been 20 months of growing familiar with a never-ending feeling of love in my heart and unnerving need to make sure you’re okay.

Grant Taylor Rysdon, I am blessed to be your momma.

Today is your first birthday and I can’t imagine a life without you. I reflect on the day you were born. There was so much I could’ve never been prepared for, despite my best efforts at “researching” before your arrival.

Being your mother has molded me into a stronger, more courageous version of myself where I have to step it up in all that I thinking has evolved and I’ve learned patience on a whole new level.

So as I embrace the next 365 days until your second birthday, I’m expecting nothing less than the joy you’ve already brought to our lives. I have watched you grow from drinking milk around the clock to crying when your bowl of food runs dry these days.

I’ve watched you grow from sleeping bedside to sleeping 12 hours straight in your own room and crib.

I’ve watched you grow from laying in one spot to crawling & sitting and now standing and walking.

Grant, watching you grow, requires me to show up in the world much differently. It requires me to grow with you.

Thank you for Granting me this position as your mother. This experience has been invaluable and I’m excited to continue to grow together.

I love you buddy.

Xo, your momma,